Organizational Behavior and Leadership

1h 05m (6 Sections)
Organizational Behavior and HRM
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What you’ll learn

  • What organizational behavior is
  • The difference between management and leadership
  • Various leadership theories
  • Effective strategies for empowerment and motivation
  • How to provide incentives
  • The distinct nature of work groups and how to manage them


The term “leadership” seems to circulate endlessly in the media. Men and women who are deemed “great leaders” are often recognized for their strong personalities. Does this mean that leadership is inherently tied to character?

In fact, business typically regards leadership as a process of motivating and aligning people to create value. It also draws a line between leadership and management.

Whether or not you’re experienced as a manager, understanding organizational behavior is sure to enrich you professionally. Join us in Organizational Behavior and Leadership to learn how to become a better leader.

Section 1: Organizational Management

Section 2: Leadership vs. Management

Section 3: Theories of Leadership

Section 4: Empowerment

Section 5: Motivation and Incentives

Section 6: Managing Groups

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