Strategy: Creating Value Inside Your Company

0h 57m (5 Sections)
Marketing and Strategy
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What you’ll learn

  • How companies create value for themselves and customers
  • How changing the value chain can make a company more competitive
  • Basic ways to approach the market based on company circumstances
  • How to decide where and how to compete
  • How and why companies balance multiple businesses and allocate resources


Have you ever wondered why certain companies are more successful than others, despite similar circumstances?

Strategy: Understanding the External Environment explored how to identify external opportunities and threats. With that in mind, you’ll now turn your attention inward. If you’ve ever wondered why some companies are more successful than others, exploring how they assemble their strategy is a big piece of the puzzle. Join us to learn how companies arrange internal processes to control costs, allocate resources, and create value.

Section 1: What Is the Value Chain?

Section 2: Rebuilding the Value Chain

Section 3: Market Strategies

Section 4: Domains, Core Competencies, and Resource Allocation

Section 5: Product Portfolio Management

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