Leadership with Passion through Kokorozashi

1h 43m (4 Sections)
Kokorozashi and Career
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What you’ll learn

  • How environmental analysis can help leaders understand their roles
  • How to develop your abilities and mindset for action
  • The unique skills and values of your core identity and leadership persona
  • How to establish and evolve your personal mission


Any great business leader will tell you that passion is a key ingredient to success. Without a sense of purpose, it’s easy to lose motivation and fold under the pressures of disruptive technology, the stress of competition, and countless other obstacles between you and your goals.

“Kokorozashi” is the Japanese word for a personal mission. Are you ready to find yours?

This course encourages you to reflect and commit to action with each lesson. Join us to develop the values and lifelong goals that will mold you into a strong leader for even the most uncertain of times.

Section 1: What is Kokorozashi?

Section 2: Know the World

Section 3: Know Yourself

Section 4: Developing Your Kokorzashi

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