The Principles of Negotiation

0h 39m (5 Sections)
Critical Thinking and Analytical Skills
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What you’ll learn

  • The different types of negotiations
  • Basic elements of negotiation
  • 4 common actions of successful negotiators
  • Key techniques for negotiation


Are good negotiators born? Or are they made?

Many people find negotiation to be intimidating. A lot of us assume it’s a natural talent. But really, anyone can be a good negotiator with the right attitude and skills.

That’s where this course comes in. You’ll start with the structure of negotiation and some basic negotiation concepts and techniques. You’ll learn how to prepare for, assess, and respond to offers at the negotiation table, all with the goal of achieving the best possible outcome for you and your company. Get a firmer grasp of the overall process and begin to feel like a natural yourself!

Section 1: Why Negotiate?

Section 2: Negotiation Types

Section 3: Basic Elements of Negotiation

Section 4: Target Value and Anchoring

Section 5: Applying Elements of Negotiation

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