Critical Thinking: Structured Reasoning

0h 57m (5 Sections)
Critical Thinking and Analytical Skills
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What you’ll learn

  • The concept and role of critical thinking
  • How to identify the essence of a problem
  • How to create frameworks to organize information
  • How to support your ideas with facts and data
  • How to check the logic of your argument


As the world changes, the problems we face as professionals change with it. How do we find and communicate solutions in such a fluid environment?

For the savvy businessperson, critical thinking can be a rock in these volatile times. Embracing a few techniques for logical decision making and persuasion can vastly improve your skills as a leader.

In this course, you’ll explore how to utilize critical thinking to evaluate complex business problems, reduce bias, and devise effective solutions to a variety of challenges.

Section 1: What Is Critical Thinking?

Section 2: The Pyramid Structure

Section 3: Defining the Issue

Section 4: Developing Frameworks

Section 5: Supporting Your Argument and Checking Logic

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