Critical Thinking: Problem Solving

1h 06m (7 Sections)
Critical Thinking and Analytical Skills
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What you’ll learn

  • The definition of problem solving
  • The problem-solving process
  • 2 tools for breaking down problems: MECE and logic trees
  • Cause/effect relationships and how to identify the root of a problem
  • How to form, evaluate, and implement solutions


Have you ever encountered a problem you didn’t know how to solve?

You’re not alone. Problem solving is a central skill in every business, but that doesn’t mean it’s easy!

If you’ve joined us for Critical Thinking: Structured Reasoning, you already have some idea of how communication factors into critical thinking. Now, in Critical Thinking: Problem Solving, you’ll check out a few common business examples and learn some go-to techniques. See how to use the steps of the problem-solving process to avoid common misunderstandings and get at the root of a problem.

Section 1: What Is Problem Solving?

Section 2: Common Pitfalls in Problem Solving

Section 3: MECE

Section 4: Logic Trees

Section 5: Cause and Effect Relationships

Section 6: Cause and Effect Pitfalls

Section 7: Developing and Implementing Solutions

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